I Soar

I just got my copy of Kristina Kaufman's I Soar, the picture book I illustrated! The print quality is amazing! You can get yours here.

New Picture Book!

I was commissioned by the author Kristina Kaufman to illustrate her book, I Soar. The book is up for sale on Amazon. Here's a sneak peak of some of the pages:


I have a new art print for sale on Society Six. Here.

Wild Beasts

I've been trying out some new techniques for a picture book I'm working on. Begin with some wild beasts, add one part analog and one part digital. Shake well.

Klimt at the Airshow

I've been looking at Klimt paintings lately. I love his use of patterns and textures. I love how he combined traditional portrait painting (beautifully, expertly executed of course) with wild colors and shapes. Here's an homage (or something). Prost, Gustav!
Prints for sale at Society Six!


Ever since I read Ernest Hemingway's story "Hills Like White Elephants," I've had this image in my head. It's  by far the best story title ever.

Water Music

This is a piece I did for a private collector. The themes requested were water, science, and the environment. The trees are Japanese Maples and the animals are all ghosts.