Big news! Good news!

Woo! I was awarded (granted?) a 2014 Don Freeman Illustration Grant from the SCBWI! The grant helps illustrators complete a specific project with the goal of publication. Here's a sneak peek sketch from the project I'm working on:

A huge, high-flying thanks to the SCBWI and the Don Freeman Grant committee!

I Can Go Anywhere

Books, books and books! I love the fat ones and the skinny ones, the ones bursting at the bindings with illustrations and the ones without any pictures at all.

This design has been beautifully screen printed and is for sale at Threadless.

The Flat Earth

I made a new t-shirt design called "The Flat Earth." It's for sale at Threadless.

I wanted to portray the layers of the Earth in a colorful, abstract, and 100% scientifically accurate fashion. I made the layers with watercolor and pencil on paper. I then fed the stacks of paper to my computer, and after a period of digital digestion, this is what emerged.

Seattle Pride

My design was chosen as the official T-shirt of this year's Seattle Pride! Along with riches and fame, my prize includes brunch with George Takei! Buy the shirt here

Here it is being screen printed:

Star Stuff

For this T-shirt design I used a technique I've never tried before. I dropped ink onto wet paper for the shapes and splattered ink for the stars. The lines were done with pencil.

Here's a close-up:

Pretty Picture

I recently finished a project for CJ Educations. It's called "Pretty Picture" and it will be published as a hardcover picture book and an app this Fall. Here's a sneak peek of the cover...

...and some interior illustrations.

 Meet Pierre and Jo-Jo.

Meet Pierre and Jo-Jo.

 Jo-Jo is one bad cat.

Jo-Jo is one bad cat.

Here are some character sketches:

And here I am conducting important research.

Unrelated bonus fact discovered while conducting important research: Voldemort is buried in Paris.